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Moving with Kids: How to Handle Local and Long Distance Moves

Family moving into a new home
Family moving into a new home

Hello, Winnipegers! We know that moving can be a big adventure, especially when you've got little ones in tow. Whether you're relocating within Winnipeg or heading out on a long-distance move, we're here with some friendly advice on how to make your family's transition as smooth as a glide down Assiniboine Park's slides.

Tip #1 Communicate Early and Often.

Moving can be confusing for kids, so start by having open conversations. Explain why you're moving, where you're going, and what it means for them. Use storytelling to relate the process to an adventure or a beloved children's book where characters face and overcome challenges.

Tip #2 Involve Them in the Process

Kids love to feel involved. Let them help with packing some of their personal belongings or choosing new decorations for their new room. For local moves, consider a visit to the new house or neighbourhood beforehand, so it feels a bit more familiar.

Tip #3 Keep Their Routine

Consistency is key for children, especially younger ones. Try to keep routines like mealtime, bedtime, and playtime as regular as possible throughout the moving process. This stability can be a comfort during a time of change.

Tip #4 Pack a Personal Essentials Bag

Just like you’d pack a carry-on for a flight, have your kids pack their favorite toys, books, and snacks in an essentials bag. This special bag stays with them throughout the move, providing comfort and entertainment.

Tip #5 Set Up Their Space First

Once you arrive at your new home, prioritise setting up their room. Familiar bedding, toys, and decorations can help them feel settled more quickly and ease the transition. This can also turn their new room into a safe haven where they can go while the rest of the home is being sorted out.

Tip #6 Maintain a Positive Attitude

Kids are incredibly perceptive and often pick up on their parents' emotions. Keep a positive attitude about the move and focus on the exciting aspects of starting somewhere new. Your optimism will rub off on them!

Tip #7 Help Them Make New Friends

If you've moved far from your old neighborhood, help your kids find new friends. Enroll them in local activities like sports, arts, or coding classes—whatever aligns with their interests. This engagement can help them integrate into the community and find a sense of belonging. Moving with kids, whether it's across Winnipeg or to a new province, doesn't have to feel like herding cats on a busy day at The Forks! With a bit of planning, lots of talking, and your unwavering optimism, your kids can transition smoothly into your new home. Ready to get your family moving adventure started? Visit our bookings page here. Let Ti-Yende Movers help make your family's move a joyful journey!


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