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Moving Homes or Offices in Winnipeg? Read Our FAQ!

Do you have questions about your upcoming move in the Winnipeg area? Let Ti-Yende Movers & Transportation answer all of your concerns. On this page, read our FAQ about moving homes or offices.


1. How do I know the best moving company to hire?

Make sure you do your due diligence in selecting which company you go with for your move. Asking some of your close friends, family and relatives is always the best place to start. Make sure to Google the company for their online ratings and reviews, which can also be verified on reputable platforms such as Yellow Pages and Facebook.

2. Will my furniture be protected?

It is good practice for any reputable moving company with a substantial amount of experience in the moving business to use moving pads and stretch wrap (clear plastic film). This will help protect the furniture from scratches, rips, soil and other damages that may sometimes unfortunately occur during the process of your move.

3. Should I leave the contents of my desk and dressers in their respective drawers?

We always advise to empty all desks and drawers and have items packed in boxes in readiness for your move. This helps prevent damages to both the desks and dressers and the contents in them, allowing for a more efficient and productive move.

4. Can I help with the move, such as bring boxes and small items to the truck?

As part of our workplace health and safety practice, we ask that our clients leave all the moving to the movers, who have been through a rigorous training program on how to do a proper job without endangering the wellbeing of our customers.

5. How will you protect my TV?

If you no longer have the original box your TV came in, we advise that you buy a TV box with proper padding/cushioning. This is the best protection you can provide for your TV, especially if it’s something you consider of high value to you.

6. Will you move my plants?

Plants typically depend on good climate conditions to survive. Because our moving trucks are exposed to extreme weather (be it hot or cold), we advise that you move the plants on your own.

7. Are you insured?

We self-insure the clients for any loss or damage of 50 cents per pound. The maximum limit is the total amount charged for the moving job. Knowing full well that this type of insurance only provides the bare minimum coverage, you are more than welcome to purchase additional insurance.

8. Do you offer on-site estimates?

We offer free on-site estimates depending on the location of your home. Please contact us for more details on this.

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