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Packing Supplies: Moving Boxes, Tape, Packing Paper and More

When preparing for a move, having proper packing supplies can do a lot to reduce your stress. With moving boxes, packing tape, packing paper, and bags for oversize items, you’ll be able to pack your possessions efficiently and properly. When moving in the Winnipeg area, you can rely on us. Reach out to us to buy your moving supplies ahead of time & leave the heavy lifting to us on the big day 😃.


The prices may vary, so please contact us today for a free price quote.

Moving supplies


1.5 Cubic Foot Box

2.0 Cubic Foot Box

4.0 Cubic Foot Box

5.0 Cubic Foot Box

China Barrel

Rent 1 Pc. Wardrobe Tall

Buy 1 Pc. Wardrobe Tall

Hanger Bar

Packing Tape

Single Mattress Bag

Double Mattress Bag

Queen Mattress Bag

King Mattress Bag

Packing Paper

Stretch Wrap

Flat Panel TV Carton

Bubble Wrap















$1.20 (per pound)

$25.00 (per roll)


$0.30 (per foot)

Making a Difference with Every Move

Our friendly, energetic crew takes the stress out of moving with reliable services and affordable prices.

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